Daily Input from @wlh8964 王荔蕻

Dec. 28th, the 203rd day since Mr. Zhu lost his freedom. Lao Zhu, we have no idea how much suffering you’ve endured. You have to use hunger strike to get the right to have a lawyer. Please take care of yourself. Please eat well and rest well. For your new born grandson, for all the friends who care about you, please take care of yourself. Shaoyang, release Mr. Zhu!

Dec. 29th, the 204th day since Mr. Zhu lost his freedom. In this world, we all have friends. You are charged as “subverter” just because you took some videos and asked what happened when your friend died suspiciously. So we should not ask, we should not tell, even when a friend dear to us dies suspiciously. If we are such people, what are we? So the ShaoYang authority wants to get rid of “Yi – righteousness” from the Chinese language?! Release Mr. Zhu!

Dec. 30th, the 205th day since Mr. Zhu lost his freedom. 2012 is passing. Lao Zhu already paid his price of losing freedom for half a year just because he loved his friend. This society cannot tolerate moral, cannot tolerate friendship and cannot tolerate compassion. Should we just pretend to be deaf even when our friends were suffering? Is this what the authority expecting--- to make the moral of this society deteriorate as much as possible till everybody is a serf?! Release Mr. Zhu!!

1230日,朱承志被失去自由205天。2012年就要过去了,老朱为朋友两肋插刀,付出了半年多自由的代价。难道我们这个社会真的容不得道义、友情的 存在吗?难道事不关己,哪怕是朋友出事也要装聋作哑袖手旁观吗?社会道德沦丧就是这样一点一滴的完成的。放人!放朱承志回家!还良心犯自由!
1229日,朱承志被失去自由204天。人生在世,谁没有个把朋友?朋友在医院蹊跷死亡,拍个视频、问个为什么,怎么就扯到煽颠上去了?朋友非正常 死亡不闻不问,才颠覆了江湖道义呢。你们是要把道义从汉语辞典里删掉吗?放人!放朱承志回家!还良心犯自由!
1228日,朱承志被失去自由203天。老朱,不知你在里面受了多少苦,需要以绝食威胁才能争取到请律师的权利。请你不要绝食,要好好吃饭;为了我们, 你要好好休息;为了你新添的外孙,你要好好的!只是为了爱你的草泥马们,你要呵护好自己。邵阳,放人!放朱承志回家!还良心犯自由!

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